HireRush Lets Consumers Reach Local Service Providers via Browser-Based Calls

HireRush, a professional services network at https://www.HireRush.com, has introduced browser-based calling. Consumers can now click a "call now" button on the website to connect with service providers for free through their Internet connection.

HireRush.com, a platform connecting service providers looking to work with local customers, recently made it easier for consumers to contact professionals they're interested in hiring. The company introduced free browser-based calling for all advertised service providers.

Consumers can now visit service providers' ads and click a "call now" button on the website. This will initiate a call through the Internet rather than using a traditional phone line or mobile operator.

Now you can reach any service provider in just one click.

"By implementing browser-based calls using WebRTC technology, consumers have instant access to service providers they're considering hiring," said Anton Guts, marketing director of HireRush. "The goal at HireRush is to make it easier for customers to find and connect with local service providers. Browser-based calling helps them do that by putting local businesses right at their fingertips whether those consumers are at a computer or using a mobile device."

The new "call now" buttons work on most major desktop browsers and mobile devices. Browsers which don't yet support this technology, such as most browsers for iOS devices, will not display this contact option.

"Now there is no waiting involved when consumers find service providers they're interested in," said Guts. "This benefits buyers by giving them instant access to providers, but it also benefits providers by making it easier for potential customers to contact them. When consumers can reach out immediately when they find a service provider who meets their needs, there's less chance they will forget to follow up later or keep looking at competitors before deciding whom to call. It's a win-win for both groups."

To see the new browser-based calling feature in action, visit any service provider's advertisement at HireRush.com. Examples can be found by viewing Boston's moving company listings at www.hirerush.com/MA:Boston/service/moving.

About HireRush

HireRush is a platform connecting vetted and community-reviewed service providers with customers through free service and project advertisements. The website launched in July 2015 with an initial focus on New York City. The service has since expanded, featuring over 24,000 ads for service providers across 711 U.S. cities in 35 states. The site was founded by Alex Sirov and Michael Podolsky.

For more information about HireRush, please visit www.HireRush.com/, or contact Alex Sirov at 646-781-8765 .

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Phone: 646-781-8765
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